We officially launched our project on April 17 with an inaugural event in Vienna.

You can watch the presentations below or the whole stream via the following LINK (passcode: z.Vr?M3^).

Christina Lutter (Dean of Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies): Greeting

Sebastian Felten, Claire Sabel, Sarah Seinitzer, Sebastian Leitner (SCARCE): Research Agenda

Peter Konečný (Slovak Mining Archive, Banská Štiavnica): Preserving Mining Heritage

Tina Asmussen (Ruhr University and German Mining Museum, Bochum): Landscapes as History

SCARCE (Sustained Concerns: Administration of Mineral Resource Extraction in Central Europe, 1550-1850) is a new five-year project at the University of Vienna. It aims to provide a history of today's stakeholder conflicts by showing how contradictory principles of resource management – economic development, sustainability, and technological innovation – were forged in protoindustrial settings. Sebastian Felten and his team will analyse thousands of administrative reports from across Central Europe and beyond using handwritten text recognition (HTR) and a method based on historical epistemology.